Crosby Guitars

Russel Crosby

After 10 years of playing guitar, and growing up in a woodworking family the next logical step was to attempt acoustic guitar building. The first acoustic guitar was a rather modest success but more importantly it fuelled the desire to continue building guitars.

Around 1996 the woodworking shop was expanded,  the necessary equipment was purchased, and building the various jigs and fixtures needed for a small scale guitar building operation was begun. In the time period that followed until present  numerous guitars have been constructed using both local and exotic tone-woods. In 2002, building became a full-time venture. Crosby Guitars builds about 12-15 guitars a year mostly on a commission basis.

The Details

Most of the wooden parts are manufactured in the shop from local woods and exotic hardwoods. This includes all of the purfling lines and bindings as well as the herringbone used on some of the commission work. Most of the veneers used in the headstock and back of peg-head overlays are shop-made.

For more information about Russel and Crosby Guitars, please watch the clip above.