Crosby Guitars


Hi Russel,

I played last night for 3 hours, in standard, drop D, and DADGAD tunings. I am very impressed with the tone. It has full, rich, even tone with lots of volume. It has a great comfortable neck and it is set up perfect....After 3 hours playing, I really had a good look at it. This is the bonus part it's beautiful and flawless. I'm happy to say that the best guitar I ever played, I brought home with me last night and it's a Crosby. Thanks very much for making a dream into a reality.

Tom Haddal
"My ears have never felt more satisfied. Now that I have got home and had a chance to really listen to this guitar I just cannot set it down. I am speechless! It's easy to tell that you put your heart into creating these instruments. It plays as smooth as silk and the sound has that clarity that I've been looking for. I'll never need another guitar for as long as I live.Thanks Russel!"

Curtis Thorpe, Wolfville, NS

I love the guitar !! I am really thrilled with the sound. It is quite well balanced and has a great low end. I am sure it will open up even more as it gets played. Thanks again.

"The workmanship and finish amazes everyone who picks it up, if I were to never play another note, I would be content to be it’s proud owner for a lifetime. I’ve bought and traded for years, but this one’s a keeper."

V. Morash, Halifax, NS

"They are just the greatest guitars to play and to look at for that matter. Hopefully we’ll keep getting gigs so we can get a couple more guitars made!!!"

R. Hupman, Wolfville, NS

Dear Russel,

Thank you for your amazing work....While I've been playing guitar since 1970, I've never heard a steel string guitar speak to me enough to buy it instantly. Yours is the first steel string guitar I have ever bought. ....I love your guitar. It has given me a new voice with which to sing and a new "Shimmering" colour with which to write. I absolutely love your guitar, Russel. You are a master. Thank you.

My most cherished possession is my Crosby Guitar. It is a thing of beauty.

Rebecca T.
"Just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the guitar! Thanks so much. I’m the envy of all my guitar buddies in Montreal."

D. D’Eon, Montreal, QC
Hi Russel,

I've had a little to play the guitar I picked up earlier this week and am pleased to report it is incredible. Beautiful tone, clean, clear sustain ... a real joy to play. Best Regards.

Todd C.
"I am the proud owner of several fine instruments built by Russel Crosby. They are beautiful to play and loved by everyone who tries them. Thanks Russel!"

Geoff Horrocks, Nanaimo, BC